Who we are
Ing. Láttero y Asoc. is an Argentine consulting firm formed by senior engineers with more than 30 years devoted to the professional activity. We have great experience in operations and maintenance, developed not only in industrial companies but also in consulting.

Our Mission
To give advice, to qualify, to provide coaching and to facilitate groups in the areas of operations, asset management and auxiliary areas to mainly Latin-American companies.

Our Vision
To help industrial companies to grow based on the development and application of modern management techniques aimed at increasing their capacity and competitiveness.

Our objectives
To supply only those products that fit the needs of our clients.
To develop new products according to our clients requirements.
To constantly update our knowledge and experience in order to offer our clients the best service quality.

Our way
We are persuaded that the work in participative groups, to which the consultant contributes with his knowledge of the specific methodologies and performs as a facilitator, is the best way towards obtaining of valid and lasting results.

People who perform a job day after day are those who hoard the knowhow and the experience, which is available for the one who is able to extract and spread it. A skilful consultant needs only to complement that knowledge with his professional contributions to assemble a perfect team.

To promote the lateral thinking is another fundamental contribution for the achievement of the objectives.

Besides, people who participate in developing the solutions will be motivated towards its practical application. In this way, sound finished products are obtained, not only technically correct, but also being accepted by those who will finally have to apply them.

Due to the above reasons, and when the method is applicable, we strongly suggest using it.